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    We understand bad things happen to good people. At Longino's Bail Bonds we know this more than most, and are here to help you through the process. nnGive us a call at (903) 595-0665 to speak with our licensed bail bond agents today.

  • Stop Looking Over Your Shoulder

    If you need assistance with handling a local warrant, we can work for you to get you processed and cleared. nnIf we are not able to provide service to you in the county in which you are located, we will get you in touch with a company who can.

In A Bail Bind?

At Longino's Bail Bonds we have established a willingness work, not only for our clients, but to work with our clients. Because every individual we work with is unique, each client situation is given the individual attention it deserves. With Longino's, you'll find the quick, professional and confidential bail bondsmen service that you can trust in and depend on for your jail release.

The Connections You Need

With 31 years of local bail bondsmen experience, we have the advantage of working closely with the courts we have established familiarity with, to get you taken care of as quickly and confidentially as possible.

Bond Payments You Can Afford

Because bail bonds are not regulated by the state, most bail agents and bail bondsmen will charge whatever they want, when they want to. At Longino's you'll find that we do things a little differently. We have designed a "Pay-as-you-go Plan," that allows our clients to pay a small sum per week for the term of their bond. For more information, give us a call.

Bond-Bailing You Out When You’re In A Bind
Longino’s Bail Bonds | Tyler, TX

Here at Longino’s Bail Bonds customer service is always highly regarded.

We are a family-run business, and in our family we strive to make you feel comfortable and secure.

Our generational experience in the bail bond industry has provided us the knowledge and expertise to deliver the bail bond service your jail release demands.

If you need a bail agent in Tyler, TX, or the surrounding area, know that Longino’s can provide you with responsive service for the bail you need.

At Longino’s Bail Bonds we understand that the process of getting a family member or loved one out of jail is often both mentally and financially stressful.

When someone you care about falls into a predicament outside of your control, it is both frustrating and worrisome to feel so helpless. Let us remove what stress we can from what may be an unfamiliar situation to you. From the bail set to the bail bond and the jail release, the Longino bail agents can be your trusted and confidential guide for navigating your loved one’s circumstance.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured to offer fast and professional bail bond services.

If someone you know is in jail, contact Longino’s Bail Bonds and we will ensure that the defendant will be released as quickly as possible.

For the quick and confidential bail bond service you need, call Longino’s (903) 595-0665
24 hour availability 7 days out of the week.

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